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Quick Update: Dreaming Dead

February 9, 2011

What makes metal feminist? What makes anything feminist? This question will continue to challenge me. There are many feminisms, as many as there are metal sub-sub-sub genres,  and no definitive ways to answer such queries. Does the presence of women in a predominantly male field make something feminist? Not necessarily.

For my purposes I’d argue that it’s a nod to feminism when nuance is added to any picture. We’ve all heard of Tarja and Madame Gossow. Awesome. However, they’re just the tip of the iceberg and hardly all that exists.

A friend randomly recommended Dreaming Dead (which I promptly forgot about along with 90% of music recommendations I receive). I just checked them out and really enjoyed what I heard. I can’t tell you whether you’ll like it or not, so I’ll spare you a (badly written) review. I can tell you that they know how to bring it!

“But what about their gender performances? What about the vocalist’s choice of clothing?! SURELY you’re going to comment on that!”

I don’t have anything to say about them appearance-wise, except they make some REALLY doofy faces during promo shoots! Consider yourself appeased!


-Ms. Anthropia

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  1. Prettyinblack permalink
    February 11, 2011 12:21 am

    Just checked out this band. They wailed. Definitely going to keep an eye our for a possible tour from them.

  2. February 25, 2011 6:53 pm

    Not bad at all! But a bit too instrumental for me.

    I just discovered your blog and I’m extatic! Feminism and heavy metal, that’s just awesome!

    I’ve sent you and e-mail a few minutes ago in a lame english writing (maybe I’m too severe).

    Keep up the good work! That’s fantastic what you’re doing with this blog. I shared it right away with my contacts. 🙂

  3. ablaaa permalink
    May 20, 2011 8:14 am

    Woah, this band totally rocks. Gonna check them out. Thanks!

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