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Dallas Coyle Gets It

January 29, 2010

Earlier, I talked about perspectives in the world of metal music. This complex topic still boils down to changing the conversation. There are people out there attempting to do just that by considering the perspectives of others and the positions they inhabit in this world. You know the old saying that you do not know a person until you have walked two moons in their moccasins? Some metal musicians get it.

A recent attempt at such things is a recent post by Dallas Coyle (of God Forbid fame). In his outlines for new song concepts, he states the following:

“King Deathdog” – This song is about power from a woman’s perspective. Women have it tough in this world. They have to be tough but not be a cunt at the same time. When I sing “I Am The King Of The Bitches” imagine a woman in a board room having to be King Bitch.” (emphasis mine)

That’s a man who ‘gets it’. Being a woman (or a man, trans or cis) in American society (and many others) is a role fraught with powerful contradictions. Women cannot inhabit roles traditionally designed for men (in Western capitalist 21st century society) without taking some flack for it. They must therefore walk a very narrow line: how do you show you’re aggressive, competent, and capable of doing a “mans job” without being castrated for it? Everything you do will be unfairly scrutinized if you’re a “woman out of her place”.

This post over at Racialicious captures the contradictory nature of women working in a male dominated world.

“What makes women distinctive is that the dominant group – men – regularly imposes both covering and reverse-covering demands on them. Women are uniquely situated in this way because their subordination has more generally taken a unique form.  Unlike gays and racial minorities, women have been cherished by their oppressors.  Men have long valued the “feminine” traits women are supposed to hold, such as warmth, empathy, and nurture.”

A lot of straight men love and hate women simultaneously. I shall explore this theme more, later. I’m really taken with the ways metal music navigates identity, especially when it comes to contradictions and the voices of the dis empowered.  Gender roles and expectations can be very stifling and crushing. It would be interesting to see metal push back.

\m/ – MsAnthropia

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