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T3h Womenz! They Like Metal Because of Good Looking Musicians!

December 11, 2009

Like most other things in a woman’s life, her taste in music can’t be because she genuinely likes it.

If she has sex? She’s pathological: out to trap a man, looking for attention, trying to get pregnant to get child support, just trying to shut her husband up… etc. Or she’s being paid to have sex. She doesn’t actually WANT TO (because sex feels good or she genuinely likes her partner in a sexual way).

She’s breastfeeding in public? No, no! She’s got some weird exhibitionist complex. Her baby isn’t hungry! She’s not trying to feed her child! She just wants an excuse to whip out her tit (…and put it into a baby’s mouth. They do it all the time on Girls Gone Wild, I swear!)

She’s drinking? At a bar? She’s looking to “get raped”! She doesn’t like booze, hanging with friends, and having fun. (Oh, and “getting raped” is something she does to herself, there’s no rapist involved here.)

Those women and their wiley ulterior motives! No wonder they never say what they mean!

So, what’s going through their silly lady brains when they go to metal shows? Do they want to headbang? Mosh? Rock out to some kickass music? Have a good fucking time? No. They want to drool over one of the musicians, duh! Metal shows are like porn for women, don’t you know?

The “women like music because they’re sexually attracted to the (male) musician” stereotype rears its pesky head quite a bit. It gets old.

Trivium Vocalist Matt Heafy says it in an interview clip:

At the 1:13 mark, the interviewer comes up with this factoid: “Chicks love metal, too!” To which Matt replies, “Yeah, I guess we’re good looking guys, so ladies….”

*facepalm* Don’t flatter yourself, Matt.

Johan Hegg, vocalist for Amon Amarth echoes this sentiment when Johnny Orlando Jr. says, “It seems as though you attract more female fans than your average death metal band, would you agree?” (at 2:30).

“Hell yeah, we’re beautiful,” quoth the Johan.

Now, this seems a lot more tongue in cheek and self aware than Matt’s comment. They show pictures of Johan’s squishy gut to corroborate this assertion. I need to be fair, it was meant to be funny, and I had a chuckle.

However, this sentiment that women are only at shows or fans of music because of their romantic interest in musicians has enormous staying power. The joke was meant as self depricating. “Look, Ma! I’m not conventionally beautiful!” It wasn’t meant to ridicule the idea that women go to shows and put up with music they have no interest in only to gawk at the men on stage. (And you know they’re looking at men. There are very few mainstream female metal musicians, and being a queer is not entirely accepted in the metal community).

Bitch Magazine covered this phenomenon of the female music fan cast as empty-headed teenybopper quite accurately. As soon as I find a link to it, I’ll post it.

-Ms. Anthropia

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  1. Adriana Delgado permalink
    February 28, 2012 1:19 am

    I also like the way that drooling at the men onstage immediately excludes actually enjoying the music.

    For example, I’m a huge fan of PAIN. I mostly love the lyrics and cool harmonies. I also happen to find Peter Tägtgren very easy on the eye. I would go the concert anyway, but the fact that I think he’s good looking adds to the experience. That doesn’t mean it is a substitute for actually enjoying the music.

    But if it’s a guy at a Lacuna Coil or Arch enemy concert, who would dispute that guy’s right to be there? It’s expected that he’ll be drooling all over, accepted that he’ll be making comments on how fuckable the woman is… Yet he still has the right to be there and enjoy the music (it could be argued, though, that some people will say that those musicians aren’t worth shit and only sell because of looks, but I think that Scabbia and Gossow are generaly seen as talented).

    I get ridiculed a lot for sometimes saying I find this and that musician cute. I don’t see that happening to my male friends. When they say it, it actually makes them more of a men. you know, shows they have sexual cravings… I, on the other hand, can’t seem entitled to having cravings of my own. Is it so wrong to find a man attractive? I can’t help it, if he looks good, then he looks good!

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